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Just spent a few days in London, where I have visited often since 1979. One of many pleasures has always been reading English newspapers, and I still enjoy them. Up to a point.

This time, I found The Times strangely disappointing. It is probably because I (still!) change. The Sunday paper was almost full of fluff. Very little substansive journalism caught my eye, lots of the commentary was tedious. Little left, then.

On Tuesday my patience was rewarded by a long piece on the murder investigation at the children’s home in Jersey, Haut la Garenne.  I have followed this with some interest, early on suspectin police and media foul (also blogged it, in Norwegian).

Must say Mick Humes lengthy survey left me quite cold. He makes no mention of the early warnings from Richard Webster, pretending he never blew the whistle. Humes’ self congratulatory smugness didn’t please me either.

A hack piece in my humble opinion. Kudos to Spiked, which has pushed Webster’s exposures.




An old Marxist such as me is generally all for exposing the perfidies of an establishment, and I carry no torch for any financial oligarchy.(Mick  Humes)


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  1. Strange. Mick Humes is editor-at-large of Spiked, or was last time I checked.

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