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Adobe support?

They are making it hard for the likes of me. Hope others fare better. From my support chat this morning:

» Hi, we are currently helping other customers in line ahead of you. We’ll be with you as soon as possible.

While you wait, you can try our community forums where experts are online 24/7.

You are now chatting with Sameena. To ensure we stay connected throughout our interaction , please don’t click on the ‘x’ in the chat window. Doing so will disconnect our chat session.

Sameena: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.

Sameena: Hi Helge.

Helge Øgrim: Hi Sameena

Sameena: I understand you wish to download the software on new computer. Is that right?

Helge Øgrim: Need to download LR5 anew after system failure on Macbook Air

Helge Øgrim: Same computer, reset and reconfigured

Sameena: Thank you for the information.

Sameena: I will be glad to check and help you with this issue.

Helge Øgrim: 🙂

Sameena: I checked and see that the serial number 1160-4007-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx is for upgrade version .

Sameena: An Upgrade does not require the installation of the Previous version software, You will be asked to only provide the serial number of the previous version software to proceed further with the activation of Upgrade.

Helge Øgrim: Where will I find that?

Helge Øgrim: When I bought LR3, it was 1160-4007-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

Sameena: The serial number 1160-4007-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx is for Lightroom 5 .

Helge Øgrim: Guide me, here

Helge Øgrim: Also have this 1160-4007-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

Helge Øgrim: Sorry 1160-4003-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

Sameena: Thank you.

Sameena: Yes, this serial number 1160-4003-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx is for Lightroom 3.

Sameena: You can install  the software upgrade version now , enter both the serial number and activate it.

Helge Øgrim: (Do I really need complete log over previous versions to reclaim a product I bought and paid for? Would expect this info to be stored at Adobe´s end in order to help the customer)

Helge Øgrim: The -XXXX (END DIGITS)serial #?

Sameena: Yes.

Sameena: Yes.

Helge Øgrim: Will you link me the page for installing?

Sameena: If you wish I can help you in registering the Lightroom 3 serial number under your Adobe account.

Helge Øgrim: thanks, luckily don´t do this every other week 🙂

Sameena: I will provide you the link to download the software under your Adobe account.

Sameena: I am sorry for the typo.

Sameena: I will provide you the steps to download the software under your Adobe account.

Sameena: Login to

Sameena: Click on Manage account (under your name)

Sameena: You will find Plans and products.

Sameena: Click View All to view the Order history.

Sameena: Click on » View all orders».

Sameena: There right next to your Order number you can locate the Download link.

Sameena: The Lightroom 3 serial number   1160-4003-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx is a volume licensed software , it cannot be registered under your Adobe account as it is already registered under licensing website.

Sameena: You will have to login to licensing website to view the registered serial number.

Sameena: Please  click here to login to licensing website.

Helge Øgrim: a tad complicated, this, methinks

Sameena: Are you able to view the link?

Sameena: Were you able to  download the software now?

Helge Øgrim: no way yet

Sameena: Okay.

Sameena: You can follow the above steps to locate the download link under your Adobe account.

Helge Øgrim: Jolly good, will spend nex 2 days trying to follow these instructions

Helge Øgrim: sorry typo, next

Sameena: May I know the language of your operating system?

Helge Øgrim: Norwegian

Helge Øgrim: I´m presently here: Inbox Date Range From To Show results per page Legend Action Required Date Received Subject Show results per page

Sameena: I checked and see that this is a technical issue, you will have to contact our technical support team to resolve this issue.

Sameena: I will provide the phone number to contact our technical team.

Sameena: Please click here.

Sameena: Are you able to view the link?

Helge Øgrim: Yes

Sameena: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Helge Øgrim: How can I save this support chat?

Sameena: You may choose to email a copy of this chat transcript by checking the option » Email me a copy of the chat transcript when we are finish» at the bottom of chat window

Helge Øgrim: No such option presently

Helge Øgrim: Okay, an ikon on top of page might do it

Sameena: Okay.

Helge Øgrim: Thank you, Sameena. I´m sorry we couldn´t fix the problem. My paid product hard to retrieve, as I see it. Best wishes

Sameena: I am sorry about that.»

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